Music festivals in England

When you think of a British summer, then chances are that you think of barbecue’s paddling pools, and of course, plenty of sunshine too (or so we hope). Another thing that seems to be part and parcel of summertime are music festivals. 

Music festivals in England start to spring up around May and run right through to the end of August, early September. There are festivals for every genre or taste in music that you could think of and some are huge events, attracting people from around the world. Whilst, some are much smaller and intimate.

If you want to learn more about music festivals in England, then here are some of the best (not always the biggest) to look out for. 


It couldn’t be a roundup of English festivals without mentioning probably the biggest out there. Held in the small town of Pilton in Somerset, Glastonbury attracts big name stars from around the world and a whole wealth of people too. Aside from all the celebrities, there is still an amazing beating heart within this festival. There are immersive theatre shows, raves, circuses. You name it, you will find it at Glastonbury. 

Camp Bestival

Possibly one of the best family friendly festivals out there, Camp Bestival combines family entertainment that is suitable for even the youngest of festival goer’s. All with an amazing line-up and plenty of fun for the older ones too. Camp Bestival is a place to dress up, to dance and to not care what anyone thinks, which, really is what festivals are all about isn’t it? 


The thing that sets Boardmasters apart from other festivals, apart from being in the beautiful area of Newquay, is that it is more than just about the music. Sure, it does attract some rather impressive acts, but it is also a mixture of surf, skateboarding, BMXing and plenty of other things to keep you entertained throughout the weekend too. 


If you are a fan of heavy metal and rock music, then you are going to have heard about Download. Download is your chance to let your hair down and see some of your favourite acts, all in the amazing setting of Donington Park in Derby. Over the years, there has been some amazing names at Download and it looks set for this to continue in the future. 

Isle of Wight

Around since 1968, Isle of Wight Festival is one of the oldest festivals out there. It is well known for bringing together a range of musical genres into one line-up, although one thing that is for sure is that you will see some of the best names out there. Not only this, but it is also held in a beautiful (albeit small) island, which means that you get a mini holiday and a festival all rolled into one! 

As you can see, there are so many fantastic festivals to enjoy in England, there really is no excuse not to enjoy one of them during Summer 2020. It might seem like a long time away, but, if you start thinking about which one you want to go to now, then you wll be able to get tickets and have the time of your life once the summer comes around! 

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