Christmas Movies Classics

There really is no better feeling then snuggling down on the sofa, popcorn in hand and switching on one of your favourite Christmas movies. 

The only problem that can arise with this wonderful scene is that with so many amazing films out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

So, to help you to make the most of your festive film time, we have put together some of the greatest Christmas Movie Classics for you to check out! 

The Polar Express 

An animated Christmas movie with a difference, the animation in The Polar Express takes on a more life-like look. Based on a Christmas book, this film features Tom Hanks and tells the story of a little boy as he takes a magical train ride to the North Pole. A must for all the family. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Whilst we love them, the idea of spending any extended period of time with our families can bring a certain sense of dread. However, you can beat away those blues and make yourself feel all the better about those you call your nearest and dearest with this rather hilarious take on Christmas spent together. 

It’s A Wonderful Life

It might date back to 1946, but this just means that this film is even more of a classic. It is not always the most uplifting of films due to the story, but, we can promise you that you will definitely get the warm and fuzzies after watching this amazing movie. 

Home Alone

We may be a little on the biased side of course, but we really rate this movie as one of our favourite Christmas films. Sure, it is all about a family leaving behind their 8 year old child whilst they go away on holiday, but being home alone and threatened by some burglars, is really character building for young Kevin! 

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A Muppet based take on a classic Charles Dickens Christmas tale, this film is not only funny, but also teaches the true meaning of Christmas too. All thanks to Kermit, Gonzo and of course Miss Piggy too. 

A Miracle on 34th Street

Another timeless movie, the real treat about watching a Miracle on 34th Street is that it makes sure that you always believe not only in the magic of Christmas, but also that Santa is really the one who makes sure that you get all the presents that you asked for. 


One of the more modern Christmas movies out there, Elf is not only hilarious but it really does encapsulate the true magic of Christmas too. Featuring Will Ferell in one of his most popular roles, we know that you won’t be able to resist shouting ”SANTA I KNOW HIM!” 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sure, it might not be the most festive of films, but there really is no Christmas (or Halloween for that matter) without the tale of Jack Skellington and his desire to take over Christmas. Now seen as a cult classic, created by Tim Burton, this stop-motion film has a wealth of fans from a range of ages! 

These are just some of the Christmas classics that you can watch this year, although I am sure that you will have a few more on your list to add. The main thing is to make sure that you all come together, that you take the time to snuggle up and really enjoy everything that Christmas is about!

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